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Music Classes with Ron

  • Live Guitar Classes
  • Finger Gym
  • Target Practice
  • Fretboard Logic
  • Repertoire

Finger Fluency Club is a proven program that will help you play guitar efficiently, effortlessly and with true understanding of the fretboard. Equally effective for beginner and advanced guitarists - our weekly live Zoom class & workouts for both hands will make you a better Guitar player! Join us in the Finger Gym...

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Are You A Guitar Player Who Writes Songs?

  • Can you write a commissioned song on demand?
  • Do you have to wait for inspiration to write?
  • Are all your songs copyrighted and registered?
  • Know how Artificial Intelligence is impacting music?
  • Stuck using the same chords in your songs?
  • Do many of your songs tend to sound the same?
  • Can your fingers play what you hear in your head?
  • Do you struggle to come up with lyric ideas?
  • Can you perform a concert of original material?

Guitarist Songwriter Academy is an online group coaching program and serious music curriculum in the details of being the best, most productive Guitarist Songwriter you can be! My goal is to help others learn the same effective approach I discovered to writing great songs on demand and then getting them placed.

The Guitarist Songwriter Academy explores the

Six Steps to Songwriter Success!

  1. Finger Fluency Club

  2. How Music Works

  3. Songwriters Academy

  4. Audio/Video Production

  5. Copyright & Metadata

  6. Distribution and Licensing

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